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Introducing the RVS Films Rain Jacket – the ultimate protection against the elements for filmmakers and crew members.


When unpredictable weather strikes during your shoots, the RVS Films Rain Jacket is your reliable companion to keep you dry and comfortable. Here's a description of this essential piece of outerwear:


  • Waterproof and Weather-Resistant: Crafted from high-quality waterproof materials, the RVS Films Rain Jacket offers excellent protection against rain, wind, and moisture. Its weather-resistant properties ensure that you stay dry and comfortable even in challenging shooting conditions.

  • Breathable and Lightweight: Despite its superior waterproofing capabilities, this rain jacket remains breathable and lightweight. It allows for proper airflow to prevent overheating during intense shoots, ensuring your comfort and mobility throughout the day.

  • Sealed Seams: The jacket features sealed seams, further enhancing its waterproofing abilities. This construction prevents water from seeping through the stitching, keeping you dry even during prolonged exposure to rain or wet environments.

  • Adjustable and Versatile Design: The RVS Films Rain Jacket comes with adjustable features to provide a customized fit. The adjustable hood, cuffs, and hem allow you to adapt the jacket to your comfort and ensure maximum protection against the elements. Its versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of filming scenarios and outdoor activities.

  • Practical Storage: The jacket is equipped with multiple pockets to securely store your essentials. These pockets offer convenient storage for small items such as smartphones, keys, and compact accessories, keeping them within easy reach during shoots.


 Experience the ultimate protection and be ready to conquer any weather conditions during your shoots.


RVS Films – Where Innovation Meets Weather Resistance!

RVS Rain jacket

SKU: 364215376135191
  • The RVS Films Rain Jacket is not just a protective layer; it's an essential tool that allows you to focus on capturing the perfect shots without worrying about the weather. Embrace the durability, functionality, and style that this rain jacket offers.

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