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Welcome to RVS Films, a dynamic video production company dedicated to creating captivating visual experiences. Led by video production specialist Rodrigo Vitorino Santos, born in São Paulo, Brazil.

RVS Films combines Rodrigo's passion for storytelling with his extensive industry knowledge to produce high-quality videos that leave a lasting impression.

The Journey:

Rodrigo discovered his interest for video production at an early age. Driven by his creative spirit, he pursued his passion through education and hands-on experiences. Rodrigo studied at Eastside High School, in Newark, NJ where he honed basic technical skills and gained a solid foundation in video production. While attending Eastside High he was given the opportunity to enroll at Essex County College as a high school student, where he delved deeper into the technical aspects of video production editing. After graduating high school he continued his education, attending Boston University Trade School, Center of Digital Imaging Arts, where he further developed his expertise and refined his artistic vision as a career long professional.

Professional Growth:

Rodrigo's career began when he joined RTPi, an international Portuguese broadcast channel, as a junior editor and camera operator. There he would produce 30-minute segments every two weeks, showcasing his ability to bring stories of life through visuals. After three years at RTPi, Rodrigo embarked on a new chapter back in Boston working as a production assistant, background actor, and stunt performer in major blockbuster movies. Driven by a desire to challenge himself further, Rodrigo made his way to the bustling city of New York. In the heart of the entertainment industry, he assumed roles such as a grip, key production assistance, second assistant director, first assistant director, audio technician, and camera operator for renowned films and TV networks. This diverse range of experiences allowed Rodrigo to refine his craft and expand his skill set, solidifying his position as a versatile and talented content creator.

The Vision of RVS Films:

Today, Rodrigo Santos is committed to growing RVS Films and establishing it as one of the world's leading production houses. Collaborating with various artists, businesses, production companies and the next generation of storytellers across the world. With a firm belief in the power of visual storytelling, RVS Films strives to create videos that captivate and engage audiences on a profound level. From concept development to post-production, RVS Films ensures that each project is infused with creativity, innovation, and technical excellence.

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